The Average Cost of Exterior Shutter Installation Services – Online Day Trading

A pencil, measuring tape, standard level, drill bits and bits and, should you be able to, if it is possible, some cutting tools and a hacksaw are all you will need. Be aware that shutters come in pairs. Also, they come with equipment for hanging.

Begin the installation of your shutter by setting the shutter over top of the window drip. It is important to leave one-quarter inch gap between the window trimmer and the shutter as windows expand and shrink.

The outer edge of the shutter using pencil. Then, lay the shutter flat onto a suitable work surface to drill. Use a multi-purpose 1/4-inch drill bit to prepare the holes.

Utilize a versatile 1/4-inch drill to prepare the holes. Then, you can place your shutter to the wall. You’ll then need to make pilot holes using the appropriate size bit, using the mounting holes. While doing this it is necessary to drill through the wall to the depth of three and 1/4 inch. After that, drill the holes that will allow you to connect shutter locks. Finally, take the time to admire your work.


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