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ranite countertop-making companies would often purchase lands with granite in them. Take each granite slab, which is then taken to the cutter for cutting.
Cutting Granite Slabs

When the granite arrives at the plant, they utilize various processes and software to meet the needs of their customers. Granite slabs are cut using various tools and cutting techniques. For maximum precision cutting, the slabs are cut with lasers, water or even lasers.

Fabricating Granite Countertop

The next step is to finalize the design and details for granite countertops. The process involves polishing the countertop, cutting away any excess pieces then sanding the countertop in order to achieve a flawless finish.

Countertop End of

Final steps are the design and installation of granite on the form of a countertop made from concrete or a wood counter. Granites are able to be put in inside a house when it is built. It is possible to have them constructed from scratch and all homeowners have to do is set them where they’re supposed to be. Finished slabs are either sent to a distributor or a homeowner.


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