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We value life in a way that we as well as desire. What can we do to ensure that flower sales, despite their popularity, and their temporary quality, still thrive?

CBS Mornings asked this question earlier this year and gave an insider’s view of the commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day activities. The viewers would be amazed by how much work and coordination goes into it. However, of course morning news segments can only go so far. You can see their video and continue reading to discover more.

Behind the Deliveries and the Arrangements of Valentines Day Flowers
In order to begin the process of an arrangement with flowers, floral arrangements must be grown. In order to grow all sorts of flowers, you require a huge infrastructure. The flowers should be harvested and sold as soon as they’re fresh.

The customer puts in an order. The florist creates the arrangement and delivers it as fast as possible. Incredibly, this all has been completed prior to the flowers start to show signs of aging. This is an immense undertaking. ak5i7o49jd.

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