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S and then be certified afterward. The training records are created and approved by GWO members throughout this process.

GWO BST is a way to test basic safety capabilities as well as technical expertise. The qualifications of a skilled worker will permit them to operate at higher levels within the wind and turbine industry. Core technical training modules that are recommended include the specifications for electrical, mechanical as well as hydraulic processes.

BST is recommending that all safety courses contain manual handling, basic aid, fire awareness , and working in high places. Additional task modules can be added, naturally, not necessary, but nonetheless extremely crucial for GWO workers. They include instruction in advanced rescue techniques, advanced first aid, blade repairs, as well as sea rescue.

GWO BST, an extensive and intricate training program which is required for all workers in the sector. The skills of each worker are assessed by the program, and then distributed for contracts all around the world.


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