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the process of oxidation) is a straightforward reaction of water, oxygen the form of vapor, deicing salt etc. in your vehicle’s steelcan cause severe harm. In order to protect your car from corrosion, they are equipped with a primer, base and clear coat.

The other components of the vehicle, such as cross members and the frame are electroplated using an aluminized primer during the course of vehicle production (due to the slow rate of corroding zinc).

If you’re able to stop the coatings in place from becoming scratched or chipped off, your car can be kept rust-free. For keeping your car’s coating and its integrity, you may want to polish the vehicle four times each year (a polish or wax works great), tape over the bumps and scratches using masking tape and then spray the area with a clearcoat (a temporary method to prevent rust) as well as use rust-preventative colours to prevent mild rust (especially around your frame).

The reason you should take proper maintenance of your vehicle isn’t only to keep it looking as good as new, but also for corrosion protection – to protect the metal from rusting and leading to more severe damage.


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