What is a Tummy Tuck? – Séadhin

ion and a tummy tuck is often thought to be identical procedures. Both are able to complement one another when done at the same however, it is not a way to remove extra fat but does nothing with the skin. Although a tummy tuck target stretch marks, if they are located higher than the belly button line it is not possible to erase them entirely, rather they are decreased and are less visible.

Mini-tummy tucks can be a faster version of the traditional procedure. This happens when you are tightening your abdominal muscles, or shifting the belly button not needed. If you’re a female who is seeking a tummy tuck after a pregnancy and you want to delay it until when you’ve had your babies. The mommy makeover can include a body tuck, liposuction and a breast reduction lift, depending on what you require.

It is not an easy task to recover from a stomach tuck. The patient will require supported in moving during the initial two days. After a week, you’re able to leave the house and visit the doctor. This is a significant moment in your healing. Light exercise can only be initiated after you’ve completed your recovery for four weeks and received the approval from your doctor.


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