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Male figure painting.

In Western artwork, male characters are a common feature. Be it in sculptures, paintings or cartoons, males have always been a topic which has been a major interest to artists. It’s not surprising then that many people find painting them challenging. However, if you’re willing take the time to study in learning how to draw a male model.

The first stage of painting a male figure is setting the posture. Gather your paints such as charcoal and paper. Begin adding the details like hair, clothes, and facial expressions. When you’re finished making your final details, smooth the surface and erase any stray lines. Make the final strokes by applying very thin layer of charcoal.

Male figure painting techniques allow you to identify living objects and their natural movement. Foreshortening is a method that assists you in communicating motion with proportions. They are excellent strategies for make lively artwork. If you want to enhance your skills at painting, you can sketch different versions of the same male form.


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