Packing Advice for a Trip on an Assisted Living Cruise Ship – Travel Packing Tips

like. Most so-called cold destinations aren’t requiring heavy equipment during the peak summer cruise season however, they do get chilly at night.

While packing for your cruise, be sure to pack your in-port activities. Flip-flops, for instance, will come in handy for daytime beach trips. If you are visiting places of worship, it is essential that visitors wear clothes that cover their whole bodies even when the weather is very hot.

Leave Room for Souvenirs From the Cruise

Your loved person will collect souvenirs while visiting the various cities where ships dock. So it is important to pack their bags make sure you leave space to keep their treasures. As an example, make a compact duffle bag for them to put away items on their return trip or put their belongings in a collapsible suitcase which can be expanded to accommodate many more things.

Consider a mobility device

A majority of cruise vessels allow guests to bring canes, wheelchairs, medical scooters, and wheelchairs. The ship’s crew can inspect the wheelchair for cargo in case it is too large to be kept in an area that is not a stateroom. Upon request, staff are able to carry items into guests’ room. It is possible to bring your own mobility device, but all cruise ships allow guests the option of renting one to aid family members with their daily routine. The benefit of hiring is that your loved one doesn’t need to carry much luggage along with them. Note that cruise ships typically don’t own mobility devices like wheelchairs; instead, they rent them from organizations such as

The latest and bigger cruise ships feature the most well-designed staterooms and cabins designed for those with mobility problems, meaning that they can fit mobility devices including wheelchairs and medical scooters. The cabins and staterooms of cruise ships that offer assisted living must be ADA conforming. However, if , for any reason, you have special requirements, please let us know.


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