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Heating and cooling can price a great deal. It is, however, possible to cut costs if your know a few tricks. In this short video we will teach you some of the best tips to cut down on your heating costs.

Although it may sound unlikely to think that your dryer will be able to save you money on heating costs, this could really be the case. If you fail to close your dryer door and the hot air that is inside will move into the dryer , and then out of into the air. This may result in huge loss of hot air and cost over the time. After drying is complete you can close the door to your dryer. If you fail to shut the door completely then you may attach a note to the dryer.

Another small improvement you can make to save money is to make sure that the blinds remain up on sunny days. It is likely that sunlight will be flooding your windows, and the photons from the sun will convert energy into warmth. This is the reason that sunny spots on the floor near your windows are usually warmer than areas that are shaded. It just makes sense if you think about it.


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