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nough water every day is vital, and bottled water offers a convenient option to drink more water in the outdoors, particularly. Unfortunately, many people tend to throw away plastic bottles once done without thinking about whether they will be recycled. This video shows the lifecycle of a plastic bottle.

One of the most sought-after commodities is bottles of water. Apart from being safe for areas that do not have clean water sources, companies market it as being healthier and more sweet as tap water. This means there is many plastic bottles in the world.

The biggest environmental problem globally is that of plastic bottle waste. Many plastic bottles are disposed of in landfills or other water sources, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans. In landfills, bottles can release toxic chemicals into the soil, poisoning crops and drinking water sources. Plastics found in ocean water can affect the growth and death of marine life.

One solution to assist in mitigating the environmental effects of bottled water – recycling and reuse. Recycling and reuse of bottles, consumers can cut down on plastic pollution, protecting the marine environment, marine life including plants, humans, and marine life. qv7jelb4g2.

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