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It is then delivered back to the plant via a network of conveyor belts.

In the production plant this substance is loaded into a rotary oven that is heated to around 3000 degrees. The housing of the kiln can be melted at these temperatures. The lining is made of factory bricksthat are woven into an interlocking mechanism that insulates the shell against the heat. The raw materials undergo an chemical reaction within the kiln, and then begin changing into cement. Clicker is the title given to the resultant material.

Then, it’s transferred from the kiln onto the cooler, where the temperature is reduced. The clinker is transferred to a rolling tube that is large and then ground into fine powder. Then it is mixed with Gypsum, which is used to make Portland cement. The cement business takes sample of the finished product for laboratory the purpose of quality control. You will then have quality cement that can be used for construction. That’s what you need to do the next time that you open up a bottle of cement. Contact us if you have any queries about cement.


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