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They are typically dangerous. This video will demonstrate how to fix a pothole and avoid further damage.

Analyze the problem first. To find the cause for the issue, clean any debris from the hole. In the above video the issue was caused by an outdated wooden barrel which served as an open well. The remaining well parts were taken out of the well before moving to the next phase.

You can then throw pack inside the hole in order to create the foundation a solid foundation. This will also stop further leaking. You can use a manual tool to reduce the soil. If you want to topcoat the hole, buy asphalt repair. It’s asphalt mixed with stone binder.

Cut around the outside of the hole so that you have a clean, smooth edge. It’s easier to fill in the hole, and it helps you avoid creating more problems. Make use of a wet saw that has an edge that is diamond-like and apply a clean edge to the pothole.

In order to ensure that the driveway is even, add the asphalt to the driveway, afterwards, you can tamp it down. The driveway has been repaired!


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